KGL for Windows

KGL for Windows 2.0

The software tool that programs and debugs for all Master-K PLC series
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MASTER-K Series- highly reliable and strong performance PLC.
MASTER-K series provides various types of PLC responding various customer needs.(Block-type PLC, Module-type PLC) Through its various communication and special modules, you can construct the optimum system for user-environment.

Master-K Series possesses block type and module type. There are Master-K(MK or below)10S1, MK10S, MK30S, MK60S, and MK80 for block type. Module type possesses two kinds which are MK200S, MK300S. In the case of block type CPU, Digital I/O / Power are all built inside of the PLC mainframe, therefore easy to set up in small space and simple to function. In the case of module type, each function such as Power, CPU, Digital I/O / special function become modulized (Card) in each module hence a customer can configure the system as one wish.

KGLWIN is a software tool to write a program and debug for all type of Master-K PLC. Its international standard language (LD, IL, SFC) and convenient user interface make programming and debugging more simple and convenient.

KGL-WIN is the software tool that programs and debugs for all Master-K PLC series.

Main features:

- Program Compatible between LS Master-K Series.

A user can use the Program (*.PGM) created in LS Master-K Series for the Program created in other LS Master-K Series as well. The Program, Parameter or Variable/Comment created in KGL-DOS or GSIKGL can be also used in KGL for Windows.

- PLC System Configuration by Project Structure

KGL for Windows manages the User-Defined Program as one Project including Parameter and Variable/Comment. Also a user can save a Program (*.PRG), Parameter (*.PMT), Variable (*.VAR) or Comment (*.CNT) respectively and the stored each File can be used for other Project files.

- User Friendly Interface

Easy and useful interface for Creating, Editing and Monitoring.

- Online Editing

A Real Time Editing is available in Online mode. The Program edited in the Online condition can be downloaded automatically without stopping PLC Hardware.

- Monitoring the Information from PLC

A user can easily monitor PLC status such as Error Status, Network Information and System Status.

- Debugging and Self-diagnosis (in New MASTER-K Series)

Trigger and Forced I/O Enable are available for the accurate Debugging.

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